The white jewel is sometimes referred to as the key of knowledge but it is also the key to all the other jewels.  The green is the key that allows them to communicate with animals and has the ability to heal.  The blue opens portals through space and time.  The yellow has the ability to shape-shift.  The red is the key of power and is a form of weapon.  This is just the beginning.

In Ember Reign they also find the silver and gold jewels.
  The silver jewel contains the Ember program.  Once downloaded into Megan's mind she learns her mind and body is no longer her own.  Ember lives in there with her and she has an important mission.  Now Megan not only has a dual personality problem she becomes a reluctant super-hero.

In reality Ember is a form of angel that commands two other angels that join with her.  Sometimes they appear as red and blue orbs and sometimes they form a protective shell around Megan/Ember.  Not to give secrets away but they do some other impressive things.

In the world of angels there are those who give orders and those who carry them out.  Ember is one who gives orders and has great knowledge while the other two angels carry out those commands.  The catch is that Ember resides within Megan and when she takes over Megan's eyes glow white, her hair sometimes changes colors, her voice and expressions change.

Ember is a type of guardian angel with a mission.  Without her humanity and other more intelligent species in the universe are in serious trouble.

Now if Ember and Megan can just learn to get along.

Ember Reign book 1 (The Crown)
introduces the main characters and the first set of mysteries that build the foundations for the plot.  There's creepy characters, a murder, an axe wielding hobo who lives in the barn.  There's a murder and a neighbor's barn burns with him in it.  There's the CEO of a multimillion dollar company who wants the Martin farm and they need to figure out why.

Ember Reign book 2
(Project Fallen Angel) brings in new characters and the plot thickens.  It reveals new enemy and new mysteries.  They meet a movie star who only appears under a screen name.  Only her closest friends know that she's one of the stars of a famous space battle movie series.  She was left at the door of a church along with a box that is to remain with her.  She was adopted by a Mexican couple who moved to live next door to a famous movie producer in the mountains.  She becomes friends with the movie producer and spawns the famous space battle series by telling the producer her elaborate dreams.

Ember Reign book 3 (
Be The Angel) brings us even more answers and reveals the source of previous enemy encountered.  Orion the living Delta Class Lightship becomes ill and presents a series of complex problems for the humans and aliens working with them to resolve.  It brings us their first full blown space battle to save the Earth from a massive enemy space battle ship.  We learn where Rena has been hiding when she vanishes and we find out that among some people Megan's adventures are quite famous.

Ember Reign book 4
the action once again escalates dropping the reader into multiple situations from the beginning and the action does not stop until the very end.  This novel answers even more mysteries for the crew and starts out with them in a brand new battle ship.  You might read between the lines and realize Orion (Delta Class Lightship) is no longer with them, but why?  What happened?  Book 3 tells you why but the greater beings of the galaxy saw fit that Megan and her friends were not left walking.  Who makes these fantastic alien ships?  It's a mystery even to Richard and his friends but in novel 4 you will discover who and where they are.

      Book 4 begins with multiple things going on as Megan's team is split up and on two different worlds.  Richard went missing somewhere in the South American Rain Forest and a mysterious  source sends Rose and Kim to find him in their brand new Black Max and bring him home.

      A distress call comes to Braith command and sends their fastest ship (Star Dancer) with Megan and her crew to the rescue.  What they encounter is serious bad news as one of the dark lord's battle ships is heading for a planet of peaceful little Tarins who have no ability to fend off an alien invasion.  Last time Ember's team was part of an army but this time they are alone to deal with what appears to be undefeatable odds.

She was told to stay in the barn lots but after the third day she was bored and decided to ride a path to the far south of the farm.  On the way back a panther frightens her pony that bolts for the house.  After the mishap she's caught returning to the barn lot by grandpa Fred.  Angry her grandmother sends her home.  Shortly after her grandpa gets sick and dies.  Grandma sells the pony and Megan disowns her grandmother.
5 years later Megan is 17.  She and a friend return to help grandma save the farm.  They discover a gold and silver amulet in a very old music box along with a letter her grandpa wrote to her before he died.  The letter begs her to solve the mystery.
Sneaking into grandpa's old upstairs study they open the safe to find a beautiful and very ancient golden crown device that gives them astounding powers.  Now they can travel through time and space but each time the crown runs low on power it transports them into a dark mysterious triangular room where earth is a big blue ball floating in space.  They discover they are inside a gigantic spaceship watching the earth.  They realize the crown didn't fall into their hands by accident.  Someone or something is watching them, but who and from where?
A science fiction novel series about a girl named Megan Martin.  The story begins when she was 12 spending the summer on her grandparents farm.  Her grandfather bought her a cow pony from a neighbor.  Her grandmother was against the idea from the start.
The series is very loosely based on "The Adventures of Megan Martin" novel series.  The adventures of Megan Martin was written for children to teens with mild language and situations.  It was enjoyed by people of all ages.  The writing style and content are different in Ember Reign.

Ember Reign is written for older teens to adults.  It has mysteries, murders, strong language at times and adult situations.

The crown is an ancient device that uses key jewels to set the power modes.  The crown and the first 5 jewel colors are the same as they were in the Megan Martin series.
Megan didn't know what would happen the first time she used the silver jewel.  Now she's half human, half angel and totally awsome!  The problem is saving humanity wasn't on her "to do" list and now all she wants is her life back.
If you are a Kindle Unlimited user they are literally free downloads!
If you are a Kindle Unlimited user they are literally free downloads!